Lifestyle Express invests in its retailers as it launches The Lifestyle Learning Academy

With one in five symbol group retailers admitting that they don’t carry out induction training for their new staff and one in three saying that training poses a challenge for their business, it’s clear that there is a need for retail training that can help retailers drive up sales and better serve the needs of their customers.

Lifestyle Express retailers are in luck as Lifestyle Express has recognised this need for training and has just launched its brand new Lifestyle Learning Academy.

Available online and completely free of charge and exclusive to Lifestyle Express retailers, the Learning Academy can be accessed any time, anywhere and on any device, so is ideal for a quiet moment in the store, or when staff are on a break minimising time taken away from the shop floor.

The training covers age-related sales, basic health and safety, customer service and the importance of Core Range, with plenty more content to come later in the year. Retailers can allocate and track staff training and progress using an ‘online filing cabinet’ to record which training sections have been completed and prove compliance.

“People are the greatest assets that our stores have,” said Stuart Johnson, Landmark Wholesale Retail Controller. “The Lifestyle Learning Academy will allow all of our retailers and their staff to access a range of essential training modules which will enable them to help maintain compliance and grow sales.

“We know that retailers struggle to find the time to train their staff and online training tackles those issues,” he continued. “The modules are bite sized and fun to complete and will enable retailers to serve the needs of their customers even better.”

“The training offered via the Lifestyle Learning Academy will give retailers a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive retail environment,” said Tom Fender, Director, Bolt Learning, who are working with Lifestyle Express to create the Lifestyle Learning Academy. “If shoppers are the most important people in the retail industry, then the people who look after them should be a close second.

“Not only will this save Lifestyle Express retailers time, money and the administrative headache associated with training, but by upskilling staff they can also ultimately deliver a better service to the shopper, and that can only have a positive impact on their footfall and sales.”

What some of our retailers had to say about The Lifestyle Learning Academy:

“It was so easy to get started. Build it into your weekly routine and it will be a massive benefit to your business.” Bay Bashir

“The training was brilliant for retailers who need to ensure their staff are fully up to date and compliant. I was amazed by how engaged my staff were in the training.” Uzair Ali

“This enables retailers to deliver well-structured, user-friendly and thorough training in an easy, cost-effective way, covering all aspects of the retail business.” Dan Stenning

“The training was incredibly helpful, not just for me but for our staff too. I couldn’t believe how much I learnt by taking part.” Peter Rogers

Registered Lifestyle Express retailers can login on this site to find out more and access The Lifestyle Learning Academy for free.